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    energy saving up to 70%

  • Lites Project

    3 Pilot Sites

    Bordeaux France

    Riga Latvia

    Aveiro Portugal

  • Lites Project


    Thorn Lighting part of the Zumtobel group, is a globally trusted supplier of both outdoor and indoor luminaires and integrated controls.


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Lites Technology

The LITES project has developed a street lighting solution that provides a significant energy saving potential up to 70%. The LITES technology is an intelligent public street lighting service using solid-state LED luminaries with embedded intelligence.
The core element of the solution is the dimming of the lamp depending on the environment; a set of embedded sensors measures ambient light, temperature, current, and detect motion. Output data of sensors is then processed by the embedded intelligence allowing optimum regulation of light levels.

The embedded intelligent control of the dimming of light ensures a significant drop of the energy consumption while fully respecting the European standards of security ruling the target category of public places.

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Three main parts of LITES Technology

  1. Luminary & Sensor
  2. Gateway & Network
  3. Management Software

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Improved light quality

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Latest news

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Newsletter No.4

Since the beginning of 2014, LITES luminaries have been successfully installed and are lighting the streets of three European cities.

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Environment and Energy 2014

It is the 10th Year Already, When the Environment and Energy Fair 2014 Invites to Manage Smart and Live Green.

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Semaine Digitale Bordeaux 2014

With over 70 events, speakers from 7 countries, and a score of places invested in several cities, the Digital Week is a major digital event in Bordeaux. The fourth annual event took place from 13 to 19 October 2014.

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measures ambient light, temperature, current,
and detect motion

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